Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ss501 Mini Album Rebirth

DSP Media released an announcement recently about SS501’s upcoming single album. It seems that there have been some changes to the group’s comeback, they will be releasing mini album instead of a full length album. The group’s comeback stage has also been set to be on 23rd October on KBS Music Bank. Go under the cut to find out more.

This is the announcement released by DSP Media: "Hello. This is DSP media. The fast changes about SS501 is releasing a Mini-album call rebirth instead of a Full Album must have made Triple S daze. This mini album was planned as a regular album yet we decide to change it into a Mini Album instead. It is decided due to the tight schedule (of the boys currently have) it is impossible to add more (many) activities and that is why we have decided to release a Mini Album instead a Full Album".
Arghh..cannot wait to get the album...I will support U guys all the way...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong & Seung Ri In Family Outing Ep 64

For the next episode of Family Outing will be more interesting with 2 Idol are coming as a guest.
Seug Ri will be taking over Daesung place for an episode 64.

The episode will more exciting after it was revealed that SS501's leader, Kim Hyun Joong will be the next Family Outing guest. Kim Hyun Joong will be appearing as a guest family member in a village at Gangwon-do. Kim Hyun Joong had received lots of love as Yoon Ji Hoo earlier in the year in Boys Over Flowers, and is expected to receive plenty of attention from the Family Outing "sisters", Lee Hyori and Park Si Yeon.

PD Jang HyukJae of ‘Family Outing’ said in an interview with Money Today Starnews “Kim HyunJoong and Seungri, who attended in place of Daesung, made idol’s unique attractive laughter.”Kim HyunJoong and Seungri’s episode will air on 20th and 27th September.

**Thank God that Kim Hyun Joong have been discharge from hospital and cured from swine flu. He will continue further treatment in korea**

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong Was diagnosed with H1N1

Kim Hyun-joong has been in Japan for a promotion but he has been diagnosed with the Swine Flu that he get treatments and postpone return to Korea.

Kim has been resting because he thought he was just tired, but when he had been to the hospital in Korea it became known that it was Swine Flu. Let's hope that this young star will recover soon!

His schedule with this group SS501 will be delayed and promotions for "Boys over Flowers" will be affected by this.
The day before, Kim Hyunjoong was diagnosed with H1N1, many precautions have been put in place to manage the health of Korean artists.
SM Entertainment, management company for TVXQ, Super Junior and SHINee expressed that they are trying to curb the spread and "Singers have already been given disinfectants and masks, and they have been instructed to keep (the company) up to date with their health status.
If they feel that there are abnormalities with their health, they are to inform the company immediately."

SS501 Being Asked About DBSK's 'Disbanding' Rumours

SS501 members consist of Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jong. They arrived 31 Aug in Sabah's Kota Kinabalu for some music video shootings.

SS501 made use of some spare time to have meet up with the medias (PressCon) and autograph signing session. This is the first time that SS501 has their event in Malaysia.

MC: It's rumored that DBSK are disbanding. With the current rising popularity of SS501, there is a high chance of replacing DBSK to be the most popular group in Korea. As both groups (DBSK and SS501) belong to 2 different managing company, SS501 didn't reply to this question.

(Yellow box says: Chances of replacing DBSK, SS501 avoid answering)

HJ: Being an artist, we are more concerned about our work. For those complicated problem, we don't really understand. Because we just do our part in our singing and acting career. No matter what, we belong to 2 different companies, we don't really know what's the real situation. Being the Korean group, we hope this matter can be settled properly. We also hope everybody does not have a misconception in Korean group. Both groups (DBSK and SS501) are working very hard, hope everybody can give your supports.

Korean group SS501 arrived in Malaysia, more than 1000 fans came and support

MC: SS501 remain silence when 1 question is asking them that are they worried that there will be a chance of disbanding (there is a chinese saying "the longer you stay together, it will bound to break up").Female manager immediately stands up and says the question is really too complicated, hence SS501 don't know how to answer. She told the media not ask the same question again.

Source: sinchew.com
Translation: Panda Brenda @ quainte501 + yyy148
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com + DBSKnights

Yunho : Friendship of TVXQ remains unchanged!

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki leader, UKnow YunHo stated that their friendship remains unchanged after being asked about the “disbanding” rumours.

On the 2nd of September, YunHo attended the press conference of his new MBC drama at Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel. During the press conference, YunHo said, “Members had given lots of encouragement and support for my first acting.” Then he continue saying that their friendship remains unchanged, “The youngest (ChangMin), ‘wo~ hyung going to attend press conference? Hyung had become a real actor now’, JaeJoong also expressed, ‘ Fighting~ I will definitely watch (the drama)’. All the members also help me to go through my script and trial it with me.”Cha Bong Gun (UKnow YunHo) is a talented striker in, but fails countless time due to his reckless character.

source: ameblo.jp
translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.
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