Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ss501 Mini Album Rebirth

DSP Media released an announcement recently about SS501’s upcoming single album. It seems that there have been some changes to the group’s comeback, they will be releasing mini album instead of a full length album. The group’s comeback stage has also been set to be on 23rd October on KBS Music Bank. Go under the cut to find out more.

This is the announcement released by DSP Media: "Hello. This is DSP media. The fast changes about SS501 is releasing a Mini-album call rebirth instead of a Full Album must have made Triple S daze. This mini album was planned as a regular album yet we decide to change it into a Mini Album instead. It is decided due to the tight schedule (of the boys currently have) it is impossible to add more (many) activities and that is why we have decided to release a Mini Album instead a Full Album".
Arghh..cannot wait to get the album...I will support U guys all the way...

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